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Studying in 3D Animation

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Happy March Break Everyone!   It's that time of year again!!

Where nature starts shedding it's coat of white, as winter turns into spring.  The groundhog has decided it's fate on February 2nd and school's out for students who get a week-long break before the end of the semester.

Are you taking a vacation or rather having a lecture week?  Maybe it's time to catch up on your hobbies... like 3D computer graphics?


You can start with 3D wombat !

Check out our growing series of material for 3D enthusiasts:



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One thing is for sure, March is the a time for transitions; and immersive 3D is the next big transition to come in the world of media.  From skyscrapers architecture to  3D printing tools, from Virtual Reality (VR) to Augmented Reality (AR), from films to games and advertisements, now almost everything visual is made with the help of 3D softwares.  Now's the best time to start learning 3D and computers have just recently caught up with out visual demands in realism.


March 1st is also the deadline to apply at your favorite 3D school for the next september semester!  Check out the 4 best top-ranking lists to learn 3D in film animation, gaming and visual effects.  Take charge of where you go next in your career path!


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Best of luck from the Wombat in your future projects!  Let us know about your process, career path and new portfolio pieces on our Facebook group: 3D Learning and keep up to date on our facebook page.



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