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Happy Easter Holidays!

Funny easter eggs


We wish you a wonderful time with your friends and family this Easter!  Starting tomorrow with the Holy Friday, enjoy your extra-long holiday weekend full of sweet chocolatey goodness and Easter egg hunts!  For 3D artists, now's a good time to show off your latest bunny models and egg-related artworks!

Let us know how you plan to celebrate this holiday and showcase your awesome art creations via our twitter page @3Dwombat and hashtag #3Dwombat!  For other ways to engage with us, see our social media pages.



In the meantime, here's a super original, prank-filled animated film with animal characters that are completely un-Disney-like. It also happens to be the first full short movie made entirely with the free 3D software Blender. "Big Buck Bunny" demonstrates the ability to make a full-fledged 3D production with this free and open software, from start to finish.  Everything here was made with Blender, from modelling to texture, lighting and visual effects.  Pretty impressive!

Big Buck Bunny (Short Film)

And you can now also have a look at a great feature-length animated film on Netflix called  'Next-Gen', which was all 'rendered' using Blender.  A very promising future for free softwares indeed!

Next-Gen Trailer



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