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March 8th: International Women's Day

In honor of all the incredible women, everywhere in the world, we wish you a happy International Day of Women!  Let's have a special thought for those strong women who pioneer in male-dominated industries, and making way for other generations.  In fact, the film and gaming industries are two such areas where there are still a majority of men.

Can we collectively take  some time to reflect on how we can all make women's journey just a little better and help them move the world a step closer towards equality?  We can start by treating everyone else with fairness, tolerance and respect in order to create a work environment that is comfortable for all.

For some men, this may mean slacking off on the macho jokes and gratuitous innuendos you thought made you appear virile or funny in front of your other colleagues.  Times have changed, this isn't appropriate anymore, we've moved on to a time where we need consider other point of view with a lot more consideration!

Check out these interesting articles and video capsules celebrating the achievements of women in the fields of 3D, visual effects, film and games of today.


Women Shadow Sunset


Video capsules from women working in the 3D visual effects industry


In-depth Article by Randi Altman on the place of women in the industry:

The VFX Industry: Where are the women?



Short portraits of successful careers and their paths in the field of visual effects, from Pixmondo:



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