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Happy Valentine from 3D Wombat !

heart frog sculpture love
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Today is a very special day: it's the day of Love! Not withstanding the whole commercial aspect of this celebration, in the artistic culture, love is everywhere.  It's the source (and sometimes the cause) of most forms of artistic expressions, from movies, to music, to dancing.

Whether you're single or in a relationship, today is the best time to tell the people around you that you love them: be it your family, your friends, your pets, your colleagues and even yourself.  We lose nothing by spreading love around ourselves, it always comes back positively.  There is no need for hoarding it, love serves no purpose when it is not shared, given or expressed.

It's also a good time to tell you - you, our loyal readers - how much your support and encouragement means to us.  You are greatly appreciated!  It warms our heart that you keep following us and it makes all our efforts worth it.   Keep engaging with us as you do, we will make it worth your while.

We love you dearly!  Thank you for your support!



Below, have a look at these great animated films in the theme of love.



Enjoy this award winning CGI 3D animated short film about a young and hyper man who falls in love with a girl addicted to her phone.   "Histoire 2 Couples" (2 Gether) is a short animated movie realized by 6 students from the school ARIES Lyon, section expert cycle, animated movie specialty.

Created by the talented team of William Loew, Davy Crosta, Alcindo Da Conceicao, Adrien Cuvit, Anne-Charlotte Benasouli , and Camille Burdy!

"In a Heartbeat" - Animated Short Film
by Beth David and Esteban Bravo


An inclusive story about giving your hear away.

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