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Do you need professional 3D models, textures, rigs, or visual effects for your CGI, film or visual effects project?  We will take great pleasure in helping you out!  Contact us to get a quote.

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18 hours ago
Dawson College 3D Animation & CGI

Life and genesis of a 3D artist

22 hours ago
Photogrammetry at Embark Studios

Photogrammetry has been gaining its popularity throughout recent years, and more and more studios have started introducing this technology ... See more

Embark Studios published a 3-part article that covers the way their team works with Photogrammetry using an example of their last trip to ... See more

1 day ago
Will Google’s Stadia console kill mobile games?

You will soon be able to play the latest 3D games in streaming anywhere without needing a powerful gaming computer.

With Google Stadia, console, PC, and mobile will keep coexisting, and that's the gaming-rich future developers everywhere should be willing ... See more

2 days ago
Hard-surface Modeling in Blender Intro!

Hard-surface Modeling in Blender Intro! Bring your hard surface creations to life. 100% Blender, no third party plugins.

http://bit.ly/HardSurface_BlenderMarket - Get it now on BlenderMarket! http://bit.ly/HardSurface_Gumroad - buy it on Gumroad Bring your ... See more

3 days ago
sema — Desert hunter

Past present and future, all mixed in great CGI Art in this Desert hunter by sema. | CGSociety

Desert hunter by sema | CGPortfolio: Build your online digital art portfolio. Drag and drop upload, viewable on any device. Computer ... See more

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