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March 21st: Spring is Here!

snow piercer spring flower blue grass
source: pixabay

Today is the first day of spring!  In the northern hemisphere, if the winter isn't completely gone yet, the cold is subsiding and the first tulips are making their way through the snow.  The bloom is upon us with its bright green and blossoming cherry trees and fresh flowers.   It's also the season of love for animals and humans alike, a time for inspiration for all, especially for artists.

For 3D artists alike, it's important to take-in all that information from real-life in order to recreate it digitally.  This is a great time for the observation of nature, as plants go through their quickest transition in the year.   Take a look at the colors in the trees and the leave shapes as the leaves start unfolding open and the snow piercers sprout from the unthawing ground.   If you're lucky to find a japanese blossoming cherry tree or apple tree, you will be blessed with a spectacular splash of color and petals very soon!

Get ready for the new season, the summer is coming!

Digital Spring Time Art



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