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Here at 3Dwombat, we strive to produce quality online tutorials, visual content and learning tools to allow you to learn everything about making 3D content for free at your own pace and from the comfort of your own home. We aim to provide you with all the bases of 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting and visual effects, so that you can unleash your full creative potential in the 3D world.  Have any projects in need of a professional support, we can also help!  Join our social media pages to exchange with us and keep up to date with the latest inspiration, tutorials and industry articles on everything 3D.  We post content every day on our social media pages, and original wombat articles every week, as well as on our website: !



Why is 3D so popular nowadays?

Truth be told, 3D is the medium of the future.  It's not a fad, it's not a trend, and it goes way beyond 3D glasses in theaters.  But the 3D revolution has already started and it’s a very exciting time to get into it because we're just at the begining and there are so many opportunities for different applications.  In fact, 3D animation is to filmmaking what painting is to photography, it allows an artist to expand reality into the realm of the imaginary. 

It will become part of every medium in a near future, with the arrival of Virtual Reality (VR), Augmented Reality (AR) into every markets. From Games, to movies, to 3D printing, passing thru medicine, architecture and advertising, we are evolving into a visual age that creates a high demands for 3D artists. Actually, most movies that you see, even the ones you wouldn’t suspect are made or assisted by 3D software in almost every aspect.  Nowadays, almost every aspect of visual content creation, has to do, in some way or another, with 3D technologies.

"3D animation is to filmmaking what painting is to photography, it allows to expand reality into the realm of the imaginary."

What can you do with your 3D skills?

It's time to get right into the next level of visual immersion that is the world of 3D.  From home enthusiasts to professionals, the possibilities are endless... :

  • Creating 3D animations for your website's home page or Youtube Channel?
  • Designing an animated logo for your company?
  • Enhancing your videos and presentations with 3D titles or 3D visualizations?
  • Producing stunning visual effects for your next film, TV or webseries project?
  • Honing your skills to work in a big animation studio?
  • Launching your career as a 3D freelance artist in films or visual effects?
  • Developing the next big 3D game for console or for mobile?
  • Printing your own 3D models?
  • Making 3D renderings for architectural concepts or renovation plans?
  • Pioneering the content creation for Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR)?
  • Getting ready for a career or a diploma in the 3D industry?
  • Making your own wallpapers or CGI projects
  • Or just for fun!


Whatever your project is, we're here to help!  Let us know how!


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