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Welcome to 3D wombat!

We strive to produce quality online tutorials, visually engaging articles and learning tools to allow everyone to learn 3D for free, at your own pace.  You can learn everything you need to make 3D computer graphics from home, without any prohibiting tuition fees.   We provide you with all the bases of 3D modeling, texturing, rigging, lighting and visual effects, so that you can unleash your full creative potential in the world of 3D.

Why start making 3D, you ask?  Well, 3D is the next level of visual immersion and it's all the rage these days, so it's time to get right into it:

  • For your Website
  • For your company logo or video introduction
  • For your Youtube channel introduction
  • For your Film project
  • For your Game project
  • For your Virtual Reality (VR) or Augmented Reality (AR) projects
  • For your 3D printing models
  • For 3D visualisations (medical, scientific, architectural or academic)
  • Or just for fun!

Whatever your project is, we're here to help!


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We offer various services to give you a quick boost in your 3D or film project endeavours.  Contact us to book a consultation, individual lesson, tutoring or debugging in English and French.





Start making 3D computer graphics right now, with our collection of free tutorials and articles:

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Do you need professional 3D models, textures, rigs, or visual effects for your CGI, film or visual effects project?  We will take great pleasure in helping you out!  Contact us to get a quote.


We produce learning tools and material to propel your journey into the world of 3D.


Do you have a new 3D project or a product related to 3D technologies?  We will gladly make a review for it here: Contact us to let us know about it!


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What is a Wombat?

Vombatus Ursinus or "Wombats" are herbivore marsupials of the Vombatidae family, native to Australia and Tasmania. They are fluffy quadrupeds of about 1 m (40 in) in length with small stubby tails and legs and a muscular body. They are adaptable to various habitats and are found in forested, mountainous, and heathland areas.  Their young are called Joeys and live in a pouch typical of marsupials, like kangaroos, for about 6 months.

You can find more information about wombats in our article on wombats ...


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