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Bastille Day, the French National Holiday & French Cinema

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Happy National Holiday, France! July 14th marks the anniversary of a key moment in the French history that greatly shaped the France of today.   It celebrates the storming of the Bastille of1789, when the French people took over control of the country from the monarchy of the time. But France’s history is also very interesting because it is closely intertwined with that of Canada.  Indeed, it is Jacques Cartier, a French man, who went […]

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Top 3D Schools for CG Film Animation, Games and VFX

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Studying in 3D Animation Happy March Break Everyone!   It’s that time of year again!! Where nature starts shedding it’s coat of white, as winter turns into spring.  The groundhog has decided it’s fate on February 2nd and school’s out for students who get a week-long break before the end of the semester. Are you taking a vacation or rather having a lecture week?  Maybe it’s time to catch up on your hobbies… like 3D computer […]

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3D Animation – Virtual Actors of the Digital World

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Virtual Acting 3D animators have one of the most important roles in the production of an animated film project.  Like actors in a live-action film, they have the most directly visible role in a film.  Their work is the content of the story itself, as seen by the audience. We see it on the screen without any other intermediary, but it can only be altered by editing.  It has a similar direct effect to the […]

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Computer Requirements for 3D Graphics

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  Minimum Requirements   Are you looking to know if your computer can handle 3D projects?  Wether you’re starting a 3D animation program or you want to make 3D computer graphics at home, this article is for you. Here are the essential components of a computer required to make 3D graphics efficiently.  In this page, we break down each computer component into 3 ranges of prices so that you can aim for your target budget. […]