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Women in the 3D & Film Industry

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March 8th: International Women’s Day In honor of all the incredible women, everywhere in the world, we wish you a happy International Day of Women!  Let’s have a special thought for those strong women who pioneer in male-dominated industries, and making way for other generations.  In fact, the film and gaming industries are two such areas where there are still a majority of men. Can we collectively take  some time to reflect on how we […]

3D modeling for the real world

Working as a 3D Modeler in the Industry

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What does a 3D modeler do? A 3D modeler is a digital artist that uses a software package to create virtual 3D objects.  Once modeled in 3D, an object can be rotated and viewed under any angle within a 3D software and usually rendered into 2D images and movies for reviewing.  There are currently no ways of projecting a 3D model in real 3D space conveniently, but there are two technologies giving us a nice […]

tower bridge or London

Architectural Modeling

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Architectural modeling is a specialization in 3D modeling that encompasses multiple disciplines for various purpose of 3D visualizations.  It generally describes the work of a digital artists that specialize in creating buildings and houses with a 3D software package.  This can be either for film, games, visual effects, real estate, architecture, city planning or engineering, and the goals, methods and approach will be vastly different depending on the contexts.  In the entertainment industry, architectural modelers […]

Grid Structure

3D Modeling Specializations for the Next Digital Age

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The Magic Behind 3D Modeling 3D modeling is the art of creating virtual objects made out of geometric shapes using 3D computer software.  There are different approaches to 3D modeling such as polygons, NURBS, SubDiv, Boolean and parametric…  but the most common technique is polygonal modeling.  The concept is to assemble quadrangles or triangles together by their sides to form the exterior surface of a 3D shape. The principle is very simple, but it makes […]