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It's beautiful outside, the sun is warm and summer is only just starting! 

Wombat holidayIts indeed the first day of summer on june 21st for the northern hemisphere, and it's also the longest day of the year, as it is the summer solstice.  Try and take it differently today and enjoy the outside, away from your computer screen and television.  We know you love 3D so if you can't help it, at least, bring your laptop in a park, a café or onto your balcony and start a new project.

You'll never realize how much inspiration there is  out there, until you actually look with your artistic eyes and start creating on site.  Like painting or sculpting live models, you can also make 3D models inspired by the real life.  Of course, it's difficult to ask someone to pose as you model for hours on end, but you can use a drawing pad and make a quick reference sketch for later. And while you're out, you never know what other opportunities could present your way, from people, to ideas, and maybe even collaborations.  Inspiration brings inspiration.

The wombat will be making a small detour from the standard articles series during the different national holidays coming up.   But do not fear, the wombat is coming back with much more about the world of 3D right after!  We are preparing for more 3D goodness and a special exciting announcement coming up soon right after!

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Summer Time in CGI

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