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Happy Labor Day Everyone! 

Are you exploring the world today or rather spending time on your favorite hobby this weekend?  If you hobby is 3D computer graphics, then why not do both?!

Whether you’re taking the day off to relax or visit some new place, an artist’s mind will always be at work. If you’re naturally curious, you’re probably already used to closely observing shapes, textures and lighting conditions.  Those are great skills for any visual artists, especially those who work behind a computer desk, such as CG artists.

Here are a few things you can do to help with your future 3D projects, even while you’re on vacation.


Here are 10 things to observe closely in your exploration of a the world:

  1. Watch how plants ares shaped and structured
  2. How objects have a surprising amount of detail, even in the small scale
  3. How man-made objects are created from different materials assembled together
  4. Appreciate the form of architecture in buildings and old houses
  5. The random placement of things that aren’t thoughtfully fixed in place
  6. How patterns alternate in a logical fashion in nature and cities
  7. textures of natural and artifical objects
  8. Layout: How cities are structured.  Go look for a high point
  9. Environments: How natural environments grow around the geography of the terrain
  10. Lighting: Don’t just look at the lightsource, but rather at how each light falls onto the objects.


Here are 5 things to do on vacation, to help with your future CG projects:

  1. Seeing new places and taking the time to take in the beautiful images in your mind.  Film is not sufficient, it will only serve to remind your memory of all the details you will have lived in that momen.
  2. Drawing new things from different angles, for later modeling
  3. Taking pictures of environments, objects and textures for reference
  4. Recording short video sequences, for a later editing of a short film
  5. See a museum or films festival from another country and how other artists have recreated light and texture in different media


Have a great day !


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