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Computer Hardware Recommendations for this Year

Recommended Build CurvesWe have created this guide to help you select each computer component with ease, but in this article we've gathered our recommendations into 3 builds.  These 3 sets are for you to choose from depending on your budget, but they can all do 3D work, from modeling to rendering.  All the proposed builds have different price points within the the mid-to-high or 'mainstream' category.  This range, from 1000$ to 3000$ (USD) is optimal for the price-to-performance ratio.

Also take a look at our article on finding the optimal price in electronics to help you decide what to aim for, when you shop online from hundreds of items.  This is why physical store make a pre-selection for you, while serving all ranges of budgets.


1.     The Affordable Build (1000$)

SATA Wire connectorThis build will give you the most bang for your bucks.  You will have everything you need to start with making 3D, but it may get limited if you want to expand with better components later on.  Choose this build if your budget is really tight, or if you mostly have access to a better computer to install 3D software, at school, or at work


2.     The Balanced (Mid-Range) Build (2000$)

This is the main build we recommended for everyone, from beginners to professionals.  This build is the best balance between power, reliability and affordability.  It is expandable and easy to upgrade later in the future.


3.     The High-Performance Build (3000$)

Stacked ChipsUse this build only if money is not a concern, but you still want to optimize your investment. .  This build is uses only the best and highest components of the mid-to-high range, still at a very reasonable price, because it is not using all the most expensive components.  This is a pro build that will last you a long time and rival any pre-built computer of the same price.  Ryzen 1800X, Triple Screen and SLI.


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