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Recommended Computer Builds for 3D & CGI

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Computer Hardware Recommendations for this Year We have created this guide to help you select each computer component with ease, but in this article we’ve gathered our recommendations into 3 builds.  These 3 sets are for you to choose from depending on your budget, but they can all do 3D work, from modeling to rendering.  All the proposed builds have different price points within the the mid-to-high or ‘mainstream’ category.  This range, from 1000$ to 3000$ […]

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Finding the Optimal Price Point for Electronics

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Introduction Computers components vary greatly, both in prices and performances, depending on brands, store and technical specifications.  Therefore it’s not surprising that a lot of customers fall back to the old adage that a more expensive purchase is always better.  While this can be true for price categories overall, this is not a particularily good indicator to choose between two similarily priced items. In fact, when it comes to purchasing electronics in general, actual technical […]