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How to Unfold UV Maps for 3D

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UV mapping UV mapping is the process of wrapping a 3D object with a 2D image over its surface.  It is similar to the opposite actions of gift-wrapping a present or making garments in real life.  Instead of taking a flat roll of cloth and making it a human-shaped piece of garment, you cut the 3D object on its seams to make it flat again. This process is required before texturing to preprepare 3D models […]

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CG Photo-realism & the Uncanny Valley

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The ‘Uncanny Valley’ The Uncanny Valley is a phenomenon in art that happens when trying to recreate a perfectly photo-realistic scene.  It applies mostly to human faces, as it is based in how our brain are wired to recognize our own, but it can be translated to the ‘oddness’ felt in CG environments as well.   The problem with photo-realism, although pleasant to see, is that it does not have any margin for error. On the […]

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Rigging 3D Artists – The Digital Puppeteers

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What is Rigging? In terms of CG productions, rigging is the process of creating controllers to deform a 3D object or CG character.  Not unlike rigging in nautical terms, it creates ‘virtual strings’ that allow the animators to control the shape of its target with precision. Facial animation use sliders and customized UI to create a mix between different pre-planned shapes, and freely controlled animations.  Oftentimes, every kind of controller and rigging system can be […]

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2D / 3D Texture Artists – Digital Painters

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Texture Artists Texture artists are the digital painters of the virtual world.  They are used in everything from 3D animation films, TV series, visual effect sequences in live-action movies, commercials and video games.  They responsible for creating the overall colored look for 3D models, based on designs made by the ‘2D concept art’ department in pre-production. 3D models are a flat grey or uniform color, if any, when coming out of the modeling departments.  They […]

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3D Animation – Virtual Actors of the Digital World

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Virtual Acting 3D animators have one of the most important roles in the production of an animated film project.  Like actors in a live-action film, they have the most directly visible role in a film.  Their work is the content of the story itself, as seen by the audience. We see it on the screen without any other intermediary, but it can only be altered by editing.  It has a similar direct effect to the […]