tower bridge or London

Architectural Modeling

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Architectural modeling is a specialization in 3D modeling that encompasses multiple disciplines for various purpose of 3D visualizations.  It generally describes the work of a digital artists that specialize in creating buildings and houses with a 3D software package.  This can be either for film, games, visual effects, real estate, architecture, city planning or engineering, and the goals, methods and approach will be vastly different depending on the contexts.  In the entertainment industry, architectural modelers […]


3D Hard Surface Modeling

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What is Hard Surface Modeling ? Hard surface modeling is one of two types of 3D modeling commonly found in the entertainment industry.  In games, films and visual effects, there is a distinction between organic and hard surface modeling.  This is because there is a need to represent both inert and living things, real or imaginary. In engineering and architecture, however, only hard surface models are created because they are inherently man-made and not alive.  […]

Grid Structure

3D Modeling Specializations for the Next Digital Age

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The Magic Behind 3D Modeling 3D modeling is the art of creating virtual objects made out of geometric shapes using 3D computer software.  There are different approaches to 3D modeling such as polygons, NURBS, SubDiv, Boolean and parametric…  but the most common technique is polygonal modeling.  The concept is to assemble quadrangles or triangles together by their sides to form the exterior surface of a 3D shape. The principle is very simple, but it makes […]