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3D Layout & Final-Layout Artists – The Assemblers

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What is a Film Layout? During the production of an animated film, the layout department is in charge of preparing each shot of a film into a 3D scene.  The layout artists are responsible for setting up all the elements required for every sequence of a film.  In fact, they do most of the heavy lifting of assembling the shots into virtual scenes on a film.   They are like gnome assembling tons of pre-fabricated parts […]

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City Design: 3D Urban Environment Modeling

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3D Urban Environments Designing a city environment is a part of the work of the 3D environment artists, on a computer-generated or visual effects film project.  Creating 3D urban environments is not a completely distinct sub-category of artists, however.  It serves to describe an artist’s interest, experience or even a 3D project’s specifications, in opposition to natural environment modeling. In reality, most environments, computer generated of filmed, are a mix of both natural and city […]

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3D Natural Environment Artists – Digital World Builders

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What is a 3D Environment Artist? An environment artist is not a type of environmental activist who expresses his art using elements of the natural world.   In the field of 3D computer graphics, film animation and video games, an environment artist is someone who assembles digital worlds.  It is not, however, entirely in opposition, as many 3D artists are also more environmentally conscious.  But the main difference is that the purpose of their art form […]

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Certified Autodesk Maya Professional (ACP)

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Autodesk Maya Professional Certification Good news, here at 3Dwombat!  We’ve obtained the ‘Autodesk Certified Professionals’ qualification (ACP) for Autodesk Maya!  And Maya is the leading 3D software in the film industry today and it is used for CGI in all of the big Hollywood movies. You would like to learn it too?  Well, you’re in luck!  We’ve heard you and our goal, here at 3Dwombat, is to get you started on the right path to […]

3D modeling for the real world

Working as a 3D Modeler in the Industry

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What does a 3D modeler do? A 3D modeler is a digital artist that uses a software package to create virtual 3D objects.  Once modeled in 3D, an object can be rotated and viewed under any angle within a 3D software and usually rendered into 2D images and movies for reviewing.  There are currently no ways of projecting a 3D model in real 3D space conveniently, but there are two technologies giving us a nice […]

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3D Organic Modeling Surfaces and Characters

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What is an Organic Model In the 3D computer graphics world, an organic model doesn’t mean that it is certified without chemicals.  Organic modeling refers to the shape of the 3D model being created.  In fact, organic modeling is generally considered to be the opposite of hard surface modeling, even though the distinction isn’t as clear in practice (read more about it here). An organic model is defined as a 3D model that represents a […]