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3D wombat just got an upgrade!

train model comparison
source: pxhere

We have improved our website to a better, faster and more responsive server!  In fact, it is 20X times faster than before.

This will allow you to browse and load our articles at lightning speed, or at least, much faster than ever before.  All the while, this permits a larger number of visitors at any one time, while preserving the responsiveness of the experience for everyone. In fact, we did this is all for you, in hopes that you’ll appreciate!

Take a look for yourself and enjoy the new blazing speed, here at 3D Wombat!  We’re still tweaking things up, so you can expect even more speed and optimizations, very soon!

Cheers !

– the Wombat –


And there’s more…

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  • And we have a new Guided Tour for new visitors to discover the 3D wombat