3D Wombat | Happy One Year Anniversary !

Happy Anniversary !

young brown wombat walking vertical
source: pixabay

This coming September 1st marks the first year anniversary of the beginning of our blogging journey at 3D Wombat.  We take a moment to thank all our readers and followers who have joined us along the way!

Last year, at this very moment we were just starting our website blog and we were just publishing our first article.  We had no readers, no followers, no web visitors and this project was only an idea.  And now, in all modesty, we have come such a long way, in just a year!  Even if we still have a long road ahead of our dream vision, we're very happy with the progress we've made so far.

We hope you enjoy our articles and continue to support us in the year to come.  Help us continue our adventure, and spread the good news by sharing our articles on social media!

Do you know what wombats are?  They're great animals: cute, fluffy, playful, curious and vegetarian, but also endangered.  Have a look at our article for the World Wombat Day and learn all about them!



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