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Autodesk Maya Professional Certification

Good news, here at 3Dwombat!  We’ve obtained the ‘Autodesk Certified Professionals’ qualification (ACP) for Autodesk Maya!  And Maya is the leading 3D software in the film industry today and it is used for CGI in all of the big Hollywood movies.

You would like to learn it too?  Well, you’re in luck!  We’ve heard you and our goal, here at 3Dwombat, is to get you started on the right path to making 3D computer graphics at home.  We are preparing a series of tutorials of our own, for you to started on your way to learning this amazing 3D package.   You’ll be able to make make great CG images on your own, like any of the big studios.


Can I Start Learning Right Now?

Yes!  We’ve also curated some of the best 3D tutorials for  you to start learning right now, for free, in the playlist section of our YouTube channel.  If you have any questions of general interest regarding 3D, Autodesk Maya or the CGI film industry, feel free to join our Facebook group: learning 3D and ask the experts.

We understand you may also need tailor-made solutions or technical support for your 3D project.  That’s why we also offer a consultation service for 3D projects and individual lesson plans for beginners and students of any level.  Send us a mail at info@3dwombat.com for general inquiries or check our about page for the email directory.



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Autodesk Certified Professionnal (ACP)


The Autodesk Maya certification program is for those demonstrating strong design software skills in both the academic and professional arenas.  Above-average knowledge of Autodesk software is tested through a rigorous 3h exam, on-site of an Certified Instructor.  Do you want to become an Autodesk Certified Professional yourself?  You can find out all about the ACP certification exams and badges on the Autodesk Certiport Website.