Choosing a Good Drawing Tablet / Graphic Pad

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Why use a Graphic Drawing Tablet? Have you every tried to draw a curve or write letters using your mouse?  It’s very hard and it’s not a question of practice!  Using a standard mouse to draw or paint will never yield good results because it is a binary input system, that is either ON or OFF.  It allows you to draw a line of constant intensity without any reactivity to pressure or directionality. On the […]

network server

Setting up a Reliable Internet Router for a Stable WiFi

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The Ominous Internet Connecting to the internet is often taken for granted nowadays, but it hasn’t always been so easy. The internet is an extraordinarily complex thing that humans have created.  It involves multiple moving parts that have to work in perfect sync for it to work.  The reason for this is that data on the internet is gathered from everywhere at once, and it is passed-on by numerous electronic devices before reaching your computer.  […]

compact disc media

Optical Media (DVD and Blu-Ray) Burners Today

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DVD & Blu-Ray Discs Today Nowadays, optical media disks like CD and DVD are becoming obsolete.  In fact, there are good chances that Blu-Ray is likely the last optical media of it’s kind.  However, you might still need a disc writer on your home computer, especially if you work in the film, games or music industry. Even today, all movies are still published on DVD and Blu-Rays after their theater release.  For the music industry, […]

Find the Best Keyboard for 3D work

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Finding a Good Keyboard There are so many different keyboard types to choose from, that it’s hard to find a great one.  It’s even harder to imagine how comfortable it would be to long hours of work.  The best is to shop in a real (not online) store and test them for yourself. Do you want to know what is really important to consider for long hours of 3D work?   Then you’re in luck […]

mouse vs trackpad

Choosing the Best Mouse for 3D Work

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Introduction The mouse is (still) your main input to the computer, along with the keyboard. It is the only way to point at things visually and tell the operating system or 3D software what to do.  Therefore it’s most important that you find a good, comfortable mouse. You need to make sure that you are personally comfortable with it during long-term use, to avoid repetitive strain injury.  Indeed, you will make over 2 million clicks […]

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How to Choose a Good Computer Case & Fans

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The computer Case The computer case is the recipient of all the internal components of your computer. It also allows you a physical interface to interact with the internal devices in a few ways. Power, reset, turbo and/or LED buttons Front Panel connectors (audio jacks, USB) Back Panel (depending on your motherboard) Internal device connections (GPU, wifi card, NVMe, PSU, Hard Drives, Optical Drives…) A good case will make your life much easier when you build your […]