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How to Find a Reliable Power Supply (PSU)

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The Power Supply Unit (PSU) Desktop computers Simply put, the Power Supply Unit or PSU is the power generator for your computer.  It converts the Alternative Current (AC) from the wall outlet into the a Direct Current (DC) required by all electronic components.  This process dissipates a lot of heat, so it needs proper and constant ventilation.  Most power supply actually fail when the cooling fan fails. The PSU is a bigger version of the […]

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How to Choose Good Computer Monitors

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The Computer Screen / Monitor The computer screen, or monitor, is the most important part of the interaction returned by your computer and is largely an question esthetic preference.  That’s why it’s important to find a screen that you like watching for long periods of time, and that will not strain your eyes.  Because you cannot gauge a screen quality online, always go check in a physical store before you buy a screen.  This way, […]

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How to Choose a CPU Fan for Overclocking

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The CPU Fan The CPU fan’s role is exclusively to cool down your processor,.  There are two components to the fan assembly: the heatsink one or more fans It is an essential component for any computer because no computer processor can function properly without it.  The CPU fan is entirely dependent on the type of socket you choose for your CPU and it’s needs for heat dissipation. The CPU fan usually adjusts its speed to […]

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How to find the Best RAM Memory to Optimize your Computer

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RAM Memory In a computer, the memory called RAM is short for SD-RAM, meaning Synchronous Dynamic Random Access Memory.  This is the short-term memory of your computer.   Before and after data is passed to the CPU, this information is stored in the RAM.  It holds the information currently being worked on before it is committed to a hard drive or disk or other data storage device. In fact, if your computer shuts down with […]

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How to Choose the Right Motherboard

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Introduction Pre-requisites Choosing the right motherboard for your new computer system is never easy because there is a very wide range of technical details and prices to sift through.  We will guide you through the important aspects and recommend some good components for your budget. Before you begin browsing motherboards, you should decide which CPU you want to buy first, an note the type and socket it uses. It is crucial that they be compatible […]

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What is the Best Processor (CPU) for 3D Rendering

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The Central Processing Unit (CPU) The processor or CPU is arguably the most important component of your computer.  It is the main chip involved in every calculations needed for any electronic device to function.  This little bit of genious calculates all the outputs you are expecting a computer to do. Not only can it calculate Excel spreadsheet results, but it also directs what every other component in the computer does.  Therefore, it also connects you […]