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Fastest Solid State Drives (SSD)

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Solid State Drives Introduction Nowadays, there is another category of data storage devices that are slowly overtaking hard drives in the market.  They have evolved from the volatile (chip-based) memory like RAM, but unlike them, they do not lose their data when unpowered. They have first been made in smaller capacities, making them ideal for the development of USB memory sticks (USB keys) and flash cards (for cameras).  Today however, they have evolved into full-fledged […]

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Great Hard Drives for Data Storage in Filmmaking

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Hard Drive Storage Hard drives are the main data storage for your computer. They store many gigabytes of data (billions of bytes) on magnetic plates spinning very quickly inside the casing.  The reading heads are  microns away from the surface, gobbling up or writing new information in the form of bits.   The hard drive is the only motor-driven device in a computer, except for the fans.  But unlike fans, they are very sensitive to movements, […]

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How to Find the Best Video Card (GPU) for 3D

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GPU Introduction The GPU, short for the Graphics Processing Unit, is the processing chip dedicated to computing every visual information to display on a monitor.  The GPU is the second most important component of a computer system, after the CPU.  It can be either: Integrated:  Combined with the CPU Dedicated: A separate add-on electronic card What is called the graphics card or video card is the physical container housing the dedicated GPU with its electronic […]

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Intel Xeon And AMD High-End Processors

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Intel Xeon Processors Xeons processors are the corporate-class of CPU from Intel.  Those generally appear as more expensive CPU, when compared to mainstream versions with the same clock speeds.  This is because they offer other advantages that are more business-oriented. Although, we do not recommend them for home users, it is worth noting how they compare to regular processors.  Here are a few advantages of the Xeon class or CPU: They permit a longer product […]

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Intel vs AMD processors: Which is Best for 3D?

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Processor Brands When if comes to choosing the brand of your processor (CPU), it’s never as easy as it seem.  You would think it should be simple because there are only two brands to choose from on the market. Intel AMD   Before you read this, make sure you’re familiar with the basic technical specifications of a CPU by reading our article on choosing the best processor.   Which is Better? The problem is that […]


Protecting your Equipment with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) An Uninterruptible Power Supply (or UPS) is a piece of equipment designed to protect your computer in case of power failure.  It resembles a small, but surprisingly heavy box, and it replaces your multi-plug power bar.  It usually has both surge-protection outlets and battery-protected outlets.  In fact, it can act as a battery for your desktop computer for a few minutes during a power loss.  But mainly, it […]