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Intel Xeon And AMD High-End Processors

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Intel Xeon Processors Xeons processors are the corporate-class of CPU from Intel.  Those generally appear as more expensive CPU, when compared to mainstream versions with the same clock speeds.  This is because they offer other advantages that are more business-oriented. Although, we do not recommend them for home users, it is worth noting how they compare to regular processors.  Here are a few advantages of the Xeon class or CPU: They permit a longer product […]

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Intel vs AMD processors: Which is Best for 3D?

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Processor Brands When if comes to choosing the brand of your processor (CPU), it’s never as easy as it seem.  You would think it should be simple because there are only two brands to choose from on the market. Intel AMD   Before you read this, make sure you’re familiar with the basic technical specifications of a CPU by reading our article on choosing the best processor.   Which is Better? The problem is that […]

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Computer Requirements for 3D Graphics

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  Minimum Requirements   Are you looking to know if your computer can handle 3D projects?  Wether you’re starting a 3D animation program or you want to make 3D computer graphics at home, this article is for you. Here are the essential components of a computer required to make 3D graphics efficiently.  In this page, we break down each computer component into 3 ranges of prices so that you can aim for your target budget. […]

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Guide to Finding the Best Computer Hardware for 3D Graphics

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Introduction Check out our complete selection of articles on finding the best computer components at optimal price. We’ll guide you through all the important technical details you need to know on your hunt for the best deals.  If you know what to look for in electronics, you can save a great deal of money. This guide is aimed at those who want to start making 3D computer graphics, multimedia, gaming, and films.  But it also applies […]


Protecting your Equipment with an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)

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What is an Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS) An Uninterruptible Power Supply (or UPS) is a piece of equipment designed to protect your computer in case of power failure.  It resembles a small, but surprisingly heavy box, and it replaces your multi-plug power bar.  It usually has both surge-protection outlets and battery-protected outlets.  In fact, it can act as a battery for your desktop computer for a few minutes during a power loss.  But mainly, it […]

Choosing a Good Drawing Tablet / Graphic Pad

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Why use a Graphic Drawing Tablet? Have you every tried to draw a curve or write letters using your mouse?  It’s very hard and it’s not a question of practice!  Using a standard mouse to draw or paint will never yield good results because it is a binary input system, that is either ON or OFF.  It allows you to draw a line of constant intensity without any reactivity to pressure or directionality. On the […]