Open Hard Drive casing plates

Great Hard Drives for Data Storage in Filmmaking

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Hard Drive Storage Hard drives are the main data storage for your computer. They store many gigabytes of data (billions of bytes) on magnetic plates spinning very quickly inside the casing.  The reading heads are  microns away from the surface, gobbling up or writing new information in the form of bits.   The hard drive is the only motor-driven device in a computer, except for the fans.  But unlike fans, they are very sensitive to movements, […]

desk layout objects placed for a shot

3D Layout & Final-Layout Artists – The Assemblers

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What is a Film Layout? During the production of an animated film, the layout department is in charge of preparing each shot of a film into a 3D scene.  The layout artists are responsible for setting up all the elements required for every sequence of a film.  In fact, they do most of the heavy lifting of assembling the shots into virtual scenes on a film.   They are like gnome assembling tons of pre-fabricated parts […]