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Fastest Solid State Drives (SSD)

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Solid State Drives Introduction Nowadays, there is another category of data storage devices that are slowly overtaking hard drives in the market.  They have evolved from the volatile (chip-based) memory like RAM, but unlike them, they do not lose their data when unpowered. They have first been made in smaller capacities, making them ideal for the development of USB memory sticks (USB keys) and flash cards (for cameras).  Today however, they have evolved into full-fledged […]

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Happy Easter from 3Dwombat!

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Happy Easter Holidays!   We wish you a wonderful time with your friends and family this Easter!  Starting tomorrow with the Holy Friday, enjoy your extra-long holiday weekend full of sweet chocolatey goodness and Easter egg hunts!  For 3D artists, now’s a good time to show off your latest bunny models and egg-related artworks! Let us know how you plan to celebrate this holiday and showcase your awesome art creations via our twitter page @3Dwombat […]

Open Hard Drive casing plates

Great Hard Drives for Data Storage in Filmmaking

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Hard Drive Storage Hard drives are the main data storage for your computer. They store many gigabytes of data (billions of bytes) on magnetic plates spinning very quickly inside the casing.  The reading heads are  microns away from the surface, gobbling up or writing new information in the form of bits.   The hard drive is the only motor-driven device in a computer, except for the fans.  But unlike fans, they are very sensitive to movements, […]

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Compositing and Assembling Rendered Images for 3D

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What is Compositing? Compositing is a step after rendering in the CG production workflow.  The process serves to assemble all the different render passes and layers produced by the lighting deptarment.  They are the 3D artists who finalize the look of every shot in a film.  It takes a tremendous amount of people to do this step on a feature film.  Is is also often associated with the lighting process, because they are closely interlinked […]

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Happy First Day of Spring!

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March 21st: Spring is Here! Today is the first day of spring!  In the northern hemisphere, if the winter isn’t completely gone yet, the cold is subsiding and the first tulips are making their way through the snow.  The bloom is upon us with its bright green and blossoming cherry trees and fresh flowers.   It’s also the season of love for animals and humans alike, a time for inspiration for all, especially for artists. For […]

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3D Lighting Artists – Virtual Photographers

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Lighting a Scene in Film Lighting a scene for film may seem straightforward, but it’s an art on it’s own.  It’s the art of the director of photography and lighting artists.  Lighting a scene in 3D is surprisingly similar to this. In the digital world, the concepts of traditional photography still apply, but with even more control.  It uses the same skills, lighting theory and techniques to manipulate light, shadows and color to effectively convey […]