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How to Unfold UV Maps for 3D

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UV mapping UV mapping is the process of wrapping a 3D object with a 2D image over its surface.  It is similar to the opposite actions of gift-wrapping a present or making garments in real life.  Instead of taking a flat roll of cloth and making it a human-shaped piece of garment, you cut the 3D object on its seams to make it flat again. This process is required before texturing to preprepare 3D models […]

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Working as a 3D Modeler in the Industry

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What does a 3D modeler do? A 3D modeler is a digital artist that uses a software package to create virtual 3D objects.  Once modeled in 3D, an object can be rotated and viewed under any angle within a 3D software and usually rendered into 2D images and movies for reviewing.  There are currently no ways of projecting a 3D model in real 3D space conveniently, but there are two technologies giving us a nice […]


3D Hard Surface Modeling

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What is Hard Surface Modeling ? Hard surface modeling is one of two types of 3D modeling commonly found in the entertainment industry.  In games, films and visual effects, there is a distinction between organic and hard surface modeling.  This is because there is a need to represent both inert and living things, real or imaginary. In engineering and architecture, however, only hard surface models are created because they are inherently man-made and not alive.  […]