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We offer various services to give you a quick boost in your 3D or film project endeavours.  Contact us to book a consultation, individual lesson, tutoring or debugging in English and French.





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Do you need professional 3D models, textures, rigs, or visual effects for your CGI, film or visual effects project?  We will take great pleasure in helping you out!  Contact us to get a quote.

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2 months ago
3D Modeling Specializations for the Next Digital Age | 3D Wombat

3D Modeling Specializations for the Next Digital Age | 3D Wombat

Learn the magic behind 3D modeling, the art of creating virtual objects out of digital sticks glued together in a continuous 3D surface. ... See more

2 months ago
Happy New Year from 3Dwombat! | 3D Wombat

Happy New Year | 3D Wombat

Happy new year to all our loyal 3Dwombat readers, we wish you a good celebration and the best wishes for a great begining to your new year! ... See more

3 months ago
Happy Holidays from us at 3Dwombat! | 3D Wombat

Happy Holidays ! | 3D Wombat

Happy holidays to all of our readers! We're glad to have you in our Wombat family following the journey along with us in this 3D world.

3 months ago
Nathan Love: Simulating Claymation with Substance

Have a look at how animation studio Nathan Love creates rich clay-like cinematics thanks to Substance.

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